Reveal the secret to what cures life’s daily stresses!

  • Meet us – Dori Cameron and Mary Funkhouser. Learn about why we love to smile, to plan journeys that F.I.T. – Fulfill, Inspire and Transform, and to swap out the tea in this photo for our favorite glass of wine.

  • We specialize in active and wellness journeys for folks who like to raise a glass at the end their adventurous and/or zen day! Working with us follows our exclusive "FIT TRIP" program.

  • Explore various Active and Wellness travel styles and get inspired! Determine what speaks to you and get excited about the amazing 'Zenefits' to your soul.

  • Pack your bags and join us on an available trip or get inspired and let us design one just for your group!

  • We continue to learn about the ever changing world of travel from various travel experts. Let us share and put travel advice into focus so you flow through your travels like an expert too.

  • Say "Yes!" to uncovering how Journeys That Fit can make free active/wellness group travel a reality for you!



Say "Yes!" to to creating travel memories with your community of choice! Let Journeys That Fit design your perfect active/wellness adventure and celebrate life together around the world!

  • Discover some of our favorite products that we use to support us throughout our wellness, active, traveling… aka ‘Journeys That Fit’ lifestyles.

  • Read about our clients' travel requests, what we designed for them, and how their travel fit them perfectly! Then get excited to highlight yours on here someday too.

  • Wondering about why you should use us instead of just booking online or what perks we offer? Or what about the typical group size needed? Find these answers and more, here!

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