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If you’re wondering what an active traveler is, wonder no more. We’ve got you covered. Our active travelers truly experience a destination in ways that are surprising and exciting every day of their journey. Throw in a healthy dose of local food and fermented beverages, and you’ve created an experience, not just a vacation. How do we know that?  Because that’s how we like to travel, and we want to share every bit of our knowledge and experience with our fantastic clients.

When we plan active travel, we weave different levels of activity throughout your journey and balance it with enjoying local music, customs, people, food and drink along the way. We round it all out by staying in some of the most wonderful small boutique hotels and inns in the world so you can relax after a fantastic day of truly living in the country you’re visiting.

We will plan any active adventure you can imagine, but if you need a little nudge down the active travel path, how about…




  • Kayaking in Prince William Sound in Alaska?

  • Horseback riding across the virgin wilderness of Patagonia?

  • Cycling through history along the Danube River between Budapest and Prague?

  • Ziplining above the forest canopy in Costa Rica?

  • Crewing a sailboat through the Greek Isles?

  • Glamping in Arches National Park to become an awestruck stargazer?

  • Hiking through Tuscany sampling food and wines along the way?

  • Golfing on the best courses in Scotland?

  • The possibilities are endless!


Need some detailed examples to get you moving?  No problem! 


Everyone wants to head to Provence to taste the wine, but add a kick ass cycling tour through the ancient vineyards and now you’ve just infused sight, touch and smell into your experience.  On top of that, you can stop whenever the mood strikes to meet locals, taste wines and try amazing foods while the magic of Provence envelopes you.


These days, everyone can take the train from Cusco to Machu Picchu to experience the mystery of this ancient city, but if you want a truly life changing experience, you should come on a Journeys That Fit expedition.  We spend a few days in Cusco and the surrounding areas to get acclimated to the altitude before setting off on an adventure of a lifetime hiking the fabled Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.  While you feel the exhilaration of the adventure through the trail beneath your feet and get up close and personal with the majestic peaks and passes of the Andes mountains, your expert glamping crew makes the journey as smooth as possible.  Their support keeps you in tip top shape for that first breathtaking view of Machu Picchu as you crest the last rise above the city.  We promise life will never be the same again.


So maybe your better half or your friends aren’t the active traveler type.  Now what?  We’ve got a solution for you.  A cruise around the Med on a smaller luxury cruise ship that holds around 300 passengers.  Amazing healthy food, beautiful spacious staterooms and an entire deck dedicated to an amazing array of spa treatments are all available for the taking.  But wait – how is this an active adventure?  Well, while part of your group is enjoying the wellness and relaxation aboard ship, you’ll be on a cycling tour at the different ports of call, paddling kayaks and SUP’s when docked and playing a round of golf at some of the finest courses in the world.  Plus, there is an entire deck specifically for working out, getting private lessons on your golf swing or getting fitted for a new road bike.  Trust us when we say everyone in your group will never want to disembark.


Sometimes the first reaction we get when we talk to groups about active travel is that there are people in their group that feel they aren’t fit enough to complete the tour, or they just don’t want to “work” that hard while on vacation.  That’s why we’re truthful about the level of fitness required to really enjoy a particular tour and why we have a variety of options in our active travel repertoire so that everyone, even a confirmed couch potato, can savor the experiences we curate for you around the world.  So, don’t count yourself out of the fun before it even begins.

All of these experiences and more are out there waiting for you.  Stop waiting!  Let’s get started today planning an active adventure you will never forget.


Merriam-Webster defines wellness as the quality or state of being in good health, especially as an actively sought goal. We define wellness as an active pursuit of joy and health that permeates your soul and allows you to shine your brightest light upon the world…with ‘a cold one’ in your hand!  


Seriously, in order to capture the amazing Zenefits of a wellness lifestyle, you have to have a balance of work and play or it’s not sustainable, right? So, however, you define wellness, we hope you agree that it’s more sustainable when it’s fun and in various inspiring destinations around the world.  

Below we are sharing just a ‘sip’ of some of the wellness experiences around the world that have inspired us. Now go ahead and start dreaming of designing a trip that fills your entire glass! 

  • Cruising the Rhine river doing yoga on the sun deck at sunrise, and enjoying the castles passing by at sunset with a glass of champagne!

  • Enjoying your United States wellness spa retreats in so many ways, such as:

    • Water-biking down the river and then returning to a singing bowl meditative session

    • Enjoying an informative nutrient-dense cooking class, taking a Nia class, and then an indulgent spa treatment

    • Starting the morning with a mindful hike, biking a beautiful canyon, taking a session on mindfulness and intentionality, winding it up with a lavender hydrating cocoon wrap and massage

    • Laughing with the chef and fellow guests as you savor all the flavors in a ‘cocktails in the kitchen class’

  • Being inspired during yoga and mindfulness walks overlooking the awe-inspiring Lake Louise in Canada.

  • Breathing into a downward-dog on the beach in Costa Rica, followed by stand-up paddle boarding, a massage (again on the beach-when in Rome...), and finishing with a ‘bean-to-bar’ chocolate tasting and, of course, paired with red wine!

  • Steaming it up and dropping it like it’s hot in the geothermal hot springs in the US, Canada, Italy, Costa Rica, Iceland, etc. etc.  Mix a hot spring into so many different wellness itineraries and you’ll feel revitalized!

​Need some more detailed inspiration, how about these itineraries…

Imagine starting a wellness week in Northern Italian with a glass of prosecco in hand at a storied spa resort where Sinatra and Sting alike have enjoyed the stunning views of the Dolomites peaks. An expert guide takes you on a breathtaking hike to soak in the beauty of the Dolomite mountains. You can spend the evenings enjoying a panoramic swimming pool, thermarium and indulgent spa treatments. Transitioning to another wellness-focused resort that overlooks one of Italy’s famous lakes you can envelope yourself in a stunning spa with a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and an underground salt grotto with a 98-degree marine salt pool. Of course, you can enjoy some time kayaking on the lake, and then immerse your sense of taste through olive oil and wine tastings. Ahhh.



An Icelandic respite arrives quickly as you can be soaking in the iridescent geothermal waters of the blue lagoon shortly after landing at the airport. Then in the summer you have the unfair advantage of almost 24 hours of daylight to hike upon glaciers and behind waterfalls.  You can enjoy yoga outside on black-sand beaches, and hiking along many geothermal spots and enjoying soaking in one too. A trip isn’t complete without ending a day with a chilled shot of Brennivín liqueur; this is locally jokingly referred to a black death due to its black label with a skull and cross bones. However, we won’t focus on that part as it takes us out of our wellness vibe!

US / MEXICO / CANADA / EUROPE (primarily)

Arrive at a wellness resort picked specifically with your intentions in mind, and immediately feel the zen vibe of the location. It may be a bit of mental work to unplug and focus on yourself, but oh rejuvenating it is when you soak it all in. And soak you will, from the nutritious farm-to-table meals, essential oils from your aromatherapy massage, steam from the sauna or hot tub, sunshine during your hike or labyrinth walk, vibrations of the singing bowls mediation classes, om chants in yoga class, the education from numerous guest lecturers on-site, and to the last joyous sip of vino that fills your taste buds at the end of the day.   


On this wellness adventure, lift your spirits at Mi Cafecito Community Coffee Plantation, a project supporting 200 local farmers, where you can savor the wonderful local flavor of coffee to kick-start your day. Costa Rica also has many wonderful fresh squeezed juices, so try a new flavor daily. Experience the outdoor utopia that is La Fortuna with hikes on two volcanos and over hanging bridges, and don’t forget the chocolate tour in the rain forest. You’ll treat yourself to a world of wellness with yoga sessions overlooking the Arenal Volcano, free time for meditation, and a rejuvenating trip to thermal hot springs. Venture to the remote Rincón de la Vieja for more yoga and a therapeutic mud bath!


Whether going to an all-inclusive wellness spa, structured yoga retreat or a multi-sport wellness trip, make sure you have some downtime to just soak it all in. In our fast-paced and connected world, it can be a bit of work to be comfortable with calm and stillness. It will be in those moments, that you can truly exhale all the weight that you carry and breathe in renewal!


All of these experiences and more are out there waiting for you. Stop waiting! Let’s get started today planning a wellness adventure you will never forget.

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