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These therapeutic grade essential oils can naturally assist your body and mind with so many areas as we strive to stay healthy and active. As an active person, they have specific kits for travel, athletes, yoga, spa, and introductory. Also, we all know when we travel, we are out of our normal routine and we can go from feeling ‘off’ to down-right sick. They have wonderful oils to support travel such as digestion aids, sleep aids, sun recovery, and anti-bacterial to name a few. Please enjoy this information!


Essential Oils Properties Overview Chart

doTERRA Wellness Lifestyle Overview

Short, Sweet, Informational and Fun eBooks on many uses of the oils

doTERRA Oil Essentials Guide

doTERRA Videos


Intrigued? Here is a link to purchase one or more kits, if you’d like, but you can purchase whatever you’d like on the site. This is a one-time order; however, you may become a member and receive a discount for an annual fee, typically $35, but with no continued order requirement (see terms and conditions). We do receive some sales earning from doTERRA as we’ve been longtime proud essential oil advocates.


Product Purchasing Link: Highlighting Travel, Athlete, Yoga, Spa and Introduction Kits


Summary Chart of all oils and blends and how you can administer them and pricing, as of early 2019.



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