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Thanks for joining our traveling tribe! To make sure we are the perfect fit for you, please answer the
following questions?

1) Do you enjoy the fun, excitement and flat-out joy that a group of like-minded people brings to
traveling around the world?
2) Are you an active and/or wellness traveler who likes to salute the end of an amazing day of new
experiences with a local brew, wine or spirit?
3) Would you love to host a group of friends, loved ones, colleagues, clients or acquaintances who
share your pursuit of zen and/or adventure?
4) Do you love high-end travel, but would love it even more if you could travel at a discount?

If you answered an enthusiastic YES to these questions – OUTSTANDING! You’re definitely the newest
member of our tribe of Active/Wellness Travelers Who Like to Raise a Glass. As a member of this
exclusive group, you are entitled to work with us to create your perfect group travel opportunities, and
we’ll help you perfect it and likely get you a discount for bringing your tribe together.


Here’s how it works...


Your Part

Establishing a “Group”

So, what number defines a group, you ask? Double digits! Find a group of at least 10 people (including you).  If you’d like for you and a companion to both travel for a significant discount/free, then entice 20 people (including you and your companion). But wait, we subscribe to the old more-the-merrier idea of group travel, so we don’t want to limit you on the numbers. More people traveling provides increased opportunity for this to be a money-making venture – “say what?”  Yes, we could pay you (or a not-for-profit) to travel!  

Finding your Traveling Tribe

Our insider expert tip to outstanding group travel is compiling a group of LIKE-MINDED / LIKE-INTERESTED, excited travelers! So, think of groups you lead or already belong to, activities you participate in or an organization you want to raise money for. Those people are ‘your tribe’ to invite.  

If you own a business or know someone who does within your tribe – even better! This opportunity helps the business grow from a ship balcony, a mountain top, a spa or a zip-line (unlimited choices, really). The bottom line is, when you travel with clients, you’re making a huge difference for your business by:

  • Creating deep loyalty and differentiating the business in your market

  • Categorizing the brand as progressive and client-centric

  • Forging lasting bonds that no amount of marketing could ever match


Of course, if you like your family and friends (on Facebook or not), 😁 they can be an important part of your traveling tribe too!

Our Part

We spend time getting to you know and your travel tribe and then we come up with some fantastic ideas for an active/wellness journey that would excite your group. Each of these journeys will have a direct benefit to you as the designated Group Leader. Those benefits can include:

  • Free or discounted travel for you and a companion

(depends on number of travelers and trip selected)

  • Ability to customize the itinerary for your group

  • Customized marketing to assist you in helping people say ‘yes’ to this once-in-a-lifetime journey.


Once you’ve picked the journey that works for you and your group, we plan the entire adventure from beginning to end, and all you have to do is sit back, get excited, and think about what to pack. Oh yeah, we’ll help you with packing advice too!

Could it get any easier? We don’t think so!

So, bring us your weary, overworked, stressed out, under-appreciated clients, colleagues, friends and loved ones and not only will we get them a new, refreshed and rejuvenated lease on life, we’ll get you kudos, discounts, money back or completely free travel in the process.

Can’t you just feel all the “ZENEFITS”!

We know you want more information, and we’re excited to give it to you!

Call 833-FIT-TRIP (348-8747) or email today. 

We can’t wait to hear from you and start planning your tribe’s adventure!



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