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5 Steps to a Great Group Getaway

Ever been on a group trip? Maybe a scouting trip when you were a kid or a ski trip with college friends or a family reunion in the mountains? Was it wonderful or were you counting the moments until you could get home?

If it was the latter, you’re not alone. Many people I know refuse to join in on a group adventure because of a less than fabulous past trip, but I’m here to tell you that traveling in a group can create your most amazing travel experience ever. You just need a few tips on how to set up the opportunity for the perfect getaway. Follow these simple steps and group travel nirvana can be yours.

  1. Find the right group of people – This one might seem really obvious, but group dynamics can make or break a vacation. You simply need the right mix of people to create an amazing adventure. Be honest about what your different groups of friends are like. For example, are they couch potatoes or road warriors? Do they like to have a party, or do they prefer quieter pursuits? Do they need a set schedule or are they happy to go with the flow? Taking these types of questions into consideration will help you reduce issues and drama and create a fantastic group experience for your getaway.

  2. Find the right budget – It’s vital to know what budget you’re working with from the get-go. There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect location with perfect activities for your group, only to discover that it costs twice what everyone wants to spend. Sure, it can be a little uncomfortable asking people what they want to spend so you can determine your budget but trust me it’s a lot harder to try and shoehorn a trip into a budget that just won’t cover the journey.

  3. Find the right place to go – So now that you have your getaway team and your budget set, you need to select the spot in the world that matches that budget and the type of travelers in your group. Adventure seekers, relaxation aficionados, active travelers, history buffs, foodies, music lovers – well you get the idea. Every group has a personality and there are destinations that will match beautifully. Spending time to find the right place to go is time-consuming but absolutely worth the effort. (Of course, you could always check with your friendly, neighborhood travel planners and get a list of options without any work at all.)

  4. Find the right things to do – In the world according to Journeys That Fit, every getaway needs a little bit of adventure to make it memorable. Your adventure could be finding your zen in a fabulous spa or kayaking the lakes in Switzerland or walking through Tuscany sampling food and wine in every town or riding horses across Iceland or taking on a Lord of the Rings tour in New Zealand or riding bikes to eat fresh lobster in Bar Harbor. Whatever your group is interested in, there’s a trip for that. The important thing is to determine the adventures the group wants to experience because not only will it help your group blend and gel, it will also help you pick the perfect place to hang your hat during your stay. Speaking of…

  5. Find the right place to stay – The options for where to stay have never been more plentiful or varied, which can make it a little bit overwhelming. Don’t panic. Again, the personality of your group should drive what type of digs you reserve. Does your group like plush, beautiful décor and service as well as having their own personal space at points during the day or would they rather all hang out together in a casual atmosphere most of the time? Maybe the group wants to stay in a place that helps them feel part of the culture of the destination or maybe they want a spot that reminds them of home while enjoying all the new experiences around them. Just remember, whether it’s a small family owned inn, a fabulous five-star hotel or an AirBnB, picking the right place to stay will seal the deal on your unforgettable group getaway.

If you need help planning your perfect group adventure, send an email to or call us at 833-FIT-TRIP (348-8747).


Dori & Mary

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