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Pure Inventions antioxidant extracts were developed by Nutritionists over a decade ago to fortify your water in a natural and way. These delicious and refreshing drops were developed to help you to commit to a healthier lifestyle. 

We’ve been happy clients for many years!

A Journeys That Fit lifestyle aligns perfectly with the following philosophy from the

Founders of Pure Inventions.


“Balance is the key to a healthy life. Nourish your mind and body on a daily basis and make choices that are as close to natural as possible.  Our main goal is to achieve the wellness of the whole person in a way that is easy, convenient and simple to incorporate into a busy lifestyle.”

It's just a 2 step process:

1) Mix a few drops into hot, cold or sparkling water

2) Enjoy as often as desired

Yes, it really is that easy AND delicious!

Watch here

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